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Our lawyers are well-known insolvency law experts with extensive experience in frequently performing the duties of a bankruptcy administrator or company restructuring administrator.

We follow the remuneration recommendations of the Consultative Committee on Bankruptcy Matters.

We assist our clients in all areas of company law, even starting from the first steps of founding a company. On top of supporting the day-to-day management of a company and formulating different kinds of juridical agreements, our office has expertise in receivership.

Our office has broad and diverse experience in family and inheritance law cases. For example, we assist our clients with deed of estate inventories and inheritance distributions, as well as with drafting continuing power of attorney mandates or testaments.

Our lawyers monitor and take care of our client’s financial matters if there is a concession agreement or an order by an authority. When dealing with a legally required guardianship, we will follow the pricing guidelines set by the authorities.

Carefully drafted contracts create a solid foundation for a successful business, help predict risks, and reduce disputes about contracts. Our office has strong experience in contract law. We help our clients draft and negotiate contracts, and we help with contract disputes.

Our professionals help our clients with different matters concerning real estate and construction. We help with drafting sales, work, and rental contracts as well as with disputes about apartment and real estate sales.

We help our clients solve civil law disputes. Our goal is to find the best solution for our clients while working swiftly, cost effectively, and by aiming for an amicable solution. When needed, we will assist our client in court from the preparations to the final judgement and its implementation.